UGA Water Polo strives to succeed both athletically and academically. The Men’s Water Polo Club has cumulated 1 All- America, 25 All- Conference, 1 Player of the Week, 4 Excellent Scholar- Athlete, 16 Superior Scholar- Athlete, and 18 Outstanding Scholar- Athlete awards since it joined the CWPA. The team’s final standings in this conference were 2nd (2007), 3rd (2008), 4th (2009), 1st (2010), 4th (2011), 3rd (2012), 1st (2013).


All- America

The All-America is the highest award presented to a collegiate player for his/ her performance. The CWPA recognizes these club athletes through a nomination process. Coaches nominate athletes, and all the collegiate club coaches in the nation take a part in voting.

Kevin Hughes (honorable mention)
Alex Lembeck (honorable mention)

Kevin Hughes (honorable mention)


All- Conference

The CWPA oversees a selection process for All-Conference teams in the men’s club division, and respective coaches help select teams by ranking their own players in order of ability. The CWPA compiles the rankings and releases the information to every team to serve as a guide when voting. Within each division, teams vote for the top 12 field players, two goalies, a Most Valuable Player, and a Coach of the Year. Here are the following Men’s Water Polo Club at UGA members who have won this honorable award:

Kevin Hughes (MVP)
Kevin Hughes (first team)
Alex Lembeck (first team)
Christian Saupe (first team)
Wilson Couture (second team)

Kevin Hughes (MVP)
Kevin Hughes (first team)
Alex Lembeck (first team)
Wilson Couture (second team)
Drew Duckett (second team)

Chris Maurer (first team)
Danny Brinkley (second team)

Chris Maurer (coach of the year)
Lawson Floyd (first team)
Austin Stahley (first team)
Stephen Hagerman (second team)

Dave Courter (first team)
JR McMillan (first team)
Alex Webb (second team)

JR McMillan (first team)
Dave Courter (second team)
Lawson Floyd (second team)
Will Humphries (second team)

John Weatherford (first team)
Dimitar Matouchev (second team)


Scholar Athlete

The CWPA awards Scholar Athlete awards based on athletes’ cumulative GPA’s.

Outstanding (3.71-4.0)

2013: Nick Atkinson, Alex Ballasiotes, Wilson Couture, Joe DeBonis, Logan Duncan, Phong Nguyen

2012: Nick Atkinson, Wilson Couture, Drew Duckett, Chris Maurer, Phong Nguyen, Kyle Smith

2011: Wilson Couture, Chris Murphy, Mike Radford, Kyle Smith

2010: Lawson Floyd, Chris Maurer

Superior (3.41-3.70)

2013: Thomas Johnson, Alex Komitor, Chris McCarter, John Roquet, Kyle Smith

2012: Alex Ballasiotes, Will Gregory, Mike Radford

2011: Tiago Afonso, Alex Ballasiotes, Drew Duckett, Graham Kellams

2010: Alex Ballasiotes, Drew Duckett, Graham Kellams, Phong Nguyen

Excellent (3.20-3.40)





2011: Alan Carroll, John Kim

2010: Tommy Cellini

2008: Dave Courter


Player of the Week

The player of the week is a nominated award based on current stats such as goals, assists, steals, and saves.

Lawson Floyd


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